Like the classic tale of a fairy, Adriana’s story starts with her in the leading role, loving to highlight beauty with make-up, using the face as her personal canvas.

The job of a Make-up Artist is not only to paint a face, but to discover and underline one’s beautiful features, using a million nuances of color. Adriana discreetly excels where others fail she understands the female face, opting for an understated natural beauty, choosing to beautifully highlight one’s perfect features, rather then trying to hide and cover them with too much color.

Adriana’s passion for make-up and beauty made her take it even further, so that it blossomed into a full time job.

Starting with her training in 2009, she exercised her hand-holding, natural-haired brushes in fine establishments, starting to learn more and more about color contrasts and make-up techniques in work-shops such as:

  • Basic training beauty/bridal make-up Timisoara/Romania
  • IMATS workshop/ London/UK

She also improved her skills while learning from talented fellow artists at their workshops, such as:

  • Beauty Make-up Academy /Bucharest/Romania
  • Make up Forever Academy /Paris/France
  • Illamasqua Make Up School/London/UK



Even if her knowledge now covers day to day make-up and bridal/event make-up, she does not shy away from conceptual and extravagant, over-the-top make-up for beauty and fashion photo shootings. By now she collaborated with clients such as:


working with talented romanian photographers like:

Besides her work as a freelance Make-up artist, Adriana Unguras is also a Make-up Artist at National Opera in Timisoara, Romania.

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You can see more of her work in magazines such as:



And please browse the online gallery of her work because images speak louder than words, while a naturally made-up beautiful face screams lyrics of poetry.